Odex Enterprise is a class-leading business integration platform from Data Interchange that automates the exchange and processing of business documents between trading partners. A versatile integration solution for businesses of all sizes, Odex can be used as an EDI gateway to your supply chain, to integrate your ERP system, send payroll information to the HMRC or move files to internal or external locations.

Enabling complete workflow management and data transformation, Odex improves the efficiency of your business and gives you complete control of your file transmissions on a single, autonomous platform. 


Wide range of supported protocols

Odex incorporates flexible built-in connectivity that allows you to exchange data with any trading partner or external party using a wide range communication protocol options.

  • OFTP (TCP/IP, ISDN and X.25)
  • OFTP 2 (including automated exchange certificate)
  • AS2
  • FTP Client and Server
  • SFTP Client and Server
  • MQ Series
  • SAP tRFC and StartRFC
  • Email (SMTP) and POP3) 

Cutting Edge Security Features

Providing full protection for all file transmissions, Odex uses industry standard encryption and digital signatures to guard against data breach or tampering by a third party. Linking directly into your Active Directory security for ease of use, additional security options are also available.

  • Full audit trails for file processing
  • Configurable user access settings
  • Definable user system permissions

Business Process Partners

Odex integrates with and supports other key business critical solutions allowing you to exchange and submit a range of bespoke electronic documents.

  • HMRC RTI Submissions
  • Supply chain logistics (EDI document exchange)
  • DVLA vehicle enquiries (VQ3/VQ4)
  • File-based systems integration Internal and/or external)
  • Electronic Invoicing (eInvoicing)
  • CAD/CAM ENGDAT folders

Automation and File Processing

Model your business processes with powerful workflows to suit your integration needs and exchange documents with your trading partners automatically, without the need to re-key data.

  • Workflow-based processing for files
  • Alerting and notifications for user configured events
  • Recognition of EDI structured data and other file formats
  • Automated generation of file acknowledgements
  • Format conversion, compression, batching and codepage conversion  
  • File analysis and validation, data extraction and replacement and file copying and transmissions

Enhanced User Visibility

Log in to the Odex dashboard and trace the progress of your file exchanges in real-time. Manage your file transmissions more effectively by configuring alerts, bespoke file views and advanced reporting tools.

For further information, please contact a member of the commercial team
+1 (470) 809 9345