Epic is our enterprise level integration solution that offers B2B integration and Managed File Transfer. Designed specifically for large corporations with high traffic environments, Epic lets you integrate internal systems, business processes and trading partners.

A cutting edge, 100% available solution

Epic is available 100% of the time. Should a server or network fail, another system instantaneously takes over, with no interruption to service. It is one of the most reliable, fully scalable integration solutions available today.  

Core features

A high-performance solution, for high-performance enterprises:

  • Advanced workflows for business process modelling
  • Data transformation – built in data mapping capability
  • Extremely high throughput capability
  • Scalable - resources available on demand
  • State-of-the-art secure communications
  • Business Activity Monitoring dashboard displays KPIs
  • Monitor activity on the move using the EPIC iPhone app

Epic supports EDI syntaxes such as SAP IDOC, ODETTE, EDIFACT, ANSI X12, EANCOM, TRADACOM, XML and VDA as well as CSV, Flat File and others.

Choose the perfect solution…

All our people live by our right-first-time approach. It’s deeply embedded in our culture and something you’ll no doubt find incredibly refreshing. You’ll also find yourself in very good company; brands including, Scania and Volkswagen use Epic.

For further information, please contact a member of the commercial team
+1 (470) 809 9345