Real-time view of entire file exchange process

The Dinet Integration Network is a global B2B messaging network that lets you exchange business-critical documents with your trading partners across the world. Dinet provides you with a managed integration solution that lets you exchange documents with hundreds of thousands of trading partners.

The Dinet dashboard is designed to give you complete visibility and peace of mind across your entire file exchange process. It lets you monitor the progress of files from any device, including via the Dinet iPhone app.

Key features of the Dinet Dashboard include: 

New User Interface

Exchange data intuitively, quickly and easily using the enhanced user interface.

Monitor the progress of files transmitted from any device, with complete visibility of your file exchange process and with 24/7 access.

Improved Document and File tracking

Real-time tracking of documents and files as they are sent and received.

Interrogate your system for files sent and received or search for business documents contained within these files.

Real-time alerts and communications

Set up automatic email, text message and iPhone push notifications from within the dashboard.

Create alerts to receive real-time notification that a file has been sent or received from your trading partners directly to any device.

Manage by exception and receive notification of files not transmitted or received from your trading partners.

Enhanced reporting tools

Create management reports, including traffic volumes by trading partner.

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