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Materials Management Operations Guidelines/Logistics Evaluation (MMOG/LE) is a set of industry wide best practice guidelines and assessment tools, developed jointly by the automotive industry standards bodies AIAG and ODETTE for manufacturers to improve the performance of their Manufacturing, Purchasing and Logistics processes with a view to reducing costs.

MMOG/LE is being rolled out into the supply chain by companies such as Ford, GM and Chrysler – only suppliers that are MMOG/LE certified will be able to obtain preferred supplier status.

Data Interchange is a member of both AIAG and ODETTE and is actively involved in developing the MMOG/LE standards.

David Eyes, Head of Business Development at Data Interchange, specialises in the automatic integration of supply chain logistical processes using EDI/B2B best practices in manufacturing. With 20 years’ experience in automotive manufacturing David is a committed advocate of the benefits that can be achieved through the successful implementation of MMOG/LE working practices.  

MMOG/LE with your customers

It’s not often you’ll hear about the benefits of MMOG/LE for companies that are being asked (or mandated) to become MMOG/LE compliant. Nearly all the talked of benefits relate to the automotive manufacturer that is rolling out MMOG/LE throughout its supply chain. But there are real benefits of adopting MMOG/LE’s best practices to make your business more efficient, including:

  • Reducing inventory carrying costs
  • Increasing the accuracy and speed of understanding your customer requirements for planning
  • Reduced obsolescence
  • Improving customer delivery performance
  • Reducing premium freight costs

MMOG/LE with your suppliers

There’s a very clear business case for ensuring your suppliers are MMOG/LE compliant.

  • Reducing inventory carrying costs up to 50%
  • Reducing premium freight costs up to 85%
  • Reducing obsolescence costs up to 80%
  • Improving customer delivery rating or service rates up to 15%

A proven methodology for helping you rollout MMOG/LE throughout your supply chain

Many automotive OEMs have tried and failed to rollout MMOG/LE in the supply chain, with only a small percentage of suppliers having passed MMOG/LE. To significantly increase adoption, Data Interchange has launched MMOG/LE Interactive Awareness Workshops.

Data Interchange’s MMOG/LE Interactive Awareness Workshops are spread over several days to secure buy in from suppliers by educating them on the benefits to themselves of adopting MMOG/LE and by collaboratively creating the MMOG/LE rollout plans with input from suppliers.

"This one day event gave us more information on the benefits of EDI and ERP than any other before."
"This was first time we had experienced this type of approach, with the content delivery focusing on the benefits to the suppliers not just the OEM."

Next Steps

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