Secure EDI over the Internet 

OFTP2 is the new standard from ODETTE for securely exchanging file data over the Internet. It is a global standard that can be used by companies of any size, regardless of geographical location and connection reliability to exchange business data inside the enterprise and externally.

Your trading partners are using OFTP2 shouldn’t you be thinking about it?

OFTP2 is used by major automotive OEMs such as Volvo, VW, BMW, PSA for communicating with their supply chain and for exchanging large engineering drawings (CAD/CAM). Other automotive OEMs and other market sectors are already planning to switch over to OFTP2. Data Interchange products that support OFTP2 include:

OFTP2 is the right choice for your business in the following scenarios:

  • Securely exchanging EDI over the Internet
  • Exchanging CAD/CAM engineering data over the Internet
  • Tracking and auditing data transfers (Managed File Transfer)
  • Internal data transfers within your business
  • Sending large files over the Internet
  • Protecting data between applications – not just over a network
  • You want to provide mailbox access to trading partners who do not have access to dedicated servers
  • Your trading partners have unreliable and slow Internet connections
  • As a secure Internet alternative to X.25 and ISDN

Business benefits

OFTP2 delivers tangible business benefits and real ROI when compared with alternative secure file transfer options:

  • Globally available - Communicate with companies regardless of their geographic location, local language or technical maturity
  • Reduced certification administration - Automated certificate exchange removes the administration needed to manually handle the replacement of expired certificates across a large trading community
  • Low infrastructure costs - No need to invest in a VPN, permanent Internet connection and dedicated server
  • Instant file transmission - File compression reduces files to a fraction of their original size, enabling them to sent faster whilst built in reliability and restart enable you to exchange large gigabyte files

Security features

The comprehensive security features in OFTP2 satisfy the demands of delivering sensitive data over the Internet and comply with the security policies or large corporate:

  • Signed file delivery receipts – proof of delivery
  • Signed files – proof of origin
  • Signed files – proof of data integrity
  • File encryption – application to application data protection
  • SSL / TLS session encryption – network to network data protection
  • Certificate exchange – easily manage the certificate exchange process

Network features

Designed to work even over slow and unreliable networks, OFTP2 ensures connectivity and reliable data exchange wherever your trading partners are based:

  • File compression – smaller files for faster and cheaper data transfers
  • Mailbox addressing - VAN friendly
  • Mailboxing – connect to a trading partner and send/receive files
  • Restart – resume large file transfers
  • Automated file exchange – files are exchanged without manual interaction

Interoperability Certification building confidence

ODETTE publishes a set of interoperability tests and certifies products against these interoperability tests to ensure that vendors’ implementations of OFTP2 are interoperable in the real world.

Data Interchange’s products are ODETTE Certified as having passed the official ODETTE Interoperability Tests, so you can be confident that our products are compatible and interoperable with other ODETTE Certified solution, not just compliant with the OFTP2 specification.