MMOG/LE Seminars in America - February 23, 2015 to March 4, 2015

Data Interchange presented MMOG/LE seminars in El Paso TX, Birmingham AL, Nashville, TN, Toledo, OH, and Detroit, MI. 
The MMOG/LE seminars discussed the benefit of MMOG/LE to the supplier and the OEM. Additionally the seminar addressed the value of integrating the supply chain electronically and the benefits to all suppliers. The value of supply chain integration for the suppliers is reduction in costs and increased cash flow. Integration allows the supplier to reduce the order to cash cycle, reduce safety stock, better manage inventory, reduce premium transport costs, increased accuracy of entire order to shipping process, and increased visibility of goods in transit.

Suppliers have recognized the value to their organization and why the OEMs have pushed the adoption of MMOG/LE to better manage the whole process.