Data Interchange launches new dashboard to boost visibility of B2B integration processes

Data Interchange, a leading provider of B2B integration solutions, launches the new dashboard for its Dinet Integration Network. The new dashboard provides best in class functionality to monitor and manage the flow of electronic business documents and files between trading partners.
Combining file exchange, data transformation, data security, and visibility into a single cohesive solution, Dinet provides business integration as a managed service that helps organizations to automate and control any business process that relies on document exchange. Organizations can make significant improvements to their purchase-to-pay process, improve supply chain integration and improve trading partner collaboration.
Dinet’s new dashboard provides customers with real-time tracking and visibility of documents as they are exchanged. Alerts and notifications allow management by exception, as alerts can be sent when critical documents are not received when expected.  Emails, text messages and iPhone notifications are all supported.

“This is a major update to Dinet to provide our customers with greater visibility and control of their business processes,” commented Ieuan Friend, Marketing Director at Data Interchange. “Visibility of business data reduces business risk and helps our customers improve their operations and eliminate inefficiencies”.

The Dinet Integration Network is part of Data Interchange’s wider portfolio of solutions that help organizations adopt more efficient business processes and improve business visibility through trading partner collaboration and integration.