The Data Interchange brand was created in 1986. Back then, Data Interchange was a five-person subsidiary of Perkins Engines (which is now owned by Caterpillar). The following year saw a successful management buyout by Janice and Philip Friend and in the summer of 1987, the brand developed its own identity, in the hands of these vision holders.
Today we are a multimillion pound business providing mission-critical B2B integration solutions to some of the world’s leading brands. With operations and partners around the world, our reach and reputation is truly global. However, our position as the leading EDI solutions provider in the UK wasn’t achieved overnight. It has taken many years of hard work and an unswerving commitment to deliver excellence across the entire business. Our ‘right-first-time’ culture has proved a significant factor in our success over the preceding three decades and remains the company motto to this day.
Take a moment to delve into our past and learn how we have become one of the leading B2B integration companies in the world.


Philip Friend, a mainframe systems analyst for Perkins Engines, is the developer behind the very first OFTP implementation for the automotive industry. Philip calls this revolutionary new solution Odex, short for Odette Data Exchange.


The brand Data Interchange is created by Philip, as a subsidiary of Perkins Engines.


Following a successful management buyout, Philip and Janice Friend take control of Data Interchange. Five people work at the newly formed company.


British Telecom asks us to develop a new EDI solution, creating one of the first Value Added Networks in the world.


We launch DISP, an early precursor of Darwin for EDI order management.


Odex launched for the IBM AS/400 platform.


Dinet Integration Network value added network is launched in conjunction with the SMMT to great industry fanfare.


Odex released by Philip Friend at the Electronic Commerce exhibition. We also connect to the internet using a super-fast 64Kb leased line and our very first website is launched.


The millennium arrives without any fuss; years of preparation and planning de-risked the entire event.


As our company is expanding nicely, a move to a shiny new business park provides us with a home for the future.


Darwin is launched.


Odex, Xlate and BACS.IP are launched.


A highly sophisticated user interface is added to Xlate, making it incredibly intuitive to use.


Dinet Integration Network is moved to the Odex solution.


We open an office in Spain and the Darwin web portal is launched.


We open an office in Sweden.


Epic is launched as our new enterprise level integration solution. Dinet Integration Network is migrated to Epic. We also welcome VW as a new client.


We are named ‘Highly commended for medium business of the year’ in the Peterborough Telegraph Business Awards. We also open an office in Germany and another office in Poland.


We form a strategic solutions partnership with QAD, to provide the platform technology for the new QAD Managed EDI service. We open an office in the USA and develop a strong partnership with Commit-Info, in the Chinese automotive market. Winners of 'People Investment' award at Peterborough Telegraph Business Awards.