A flexible and cost effective EDI solution, operating across multiple industry sectors

Weland is a family-owned manufacturing company that was established in 1947 and initially specialised in the manufacture of metal products. Having started off as a small manufacturing group, Weland have since grown to comprise of 17 separate subsidiaries across multiple industries. Looking after a diverse portfolio of customers, Weland were beginning to find it increasingly difficult to cater for their individual customer needs within their legacy EDI system.

The Data Interchange Solution

Seeking the expertise of Data Interchange, Weland were looking for a single solution that could support a number of different business processes across a variety of industry sectors and at a reduced cost. Combining the messaging exchange services of Data Interchange’s Odex Enterprise and the managed global connectivity of the Dinet Integration Network, Weland were able to transform their business processes.

Data Interchange established a single and secure connection to Dinet from Weland’s ERP system and managed the entire setup of all customer connections. Reducing the level of complexity of Weland’s EDI solution, their many subsidiaries were able to collaborate with their customers and eliminate unnecessary supply chain costs.

Identifying the opportunity for more improvements: E-Invoicing & Freight Ordering 

Following the successful implementation of Data Interchange’s EDI solution, Weland identified the opportunity to further improve their business efficiency by adopting e-invoicing with their customers and suppliers to shorten the order to payment cycle and receive faster payments. With eight of the seventeen Weland subsidiaries using e-invoicing, all stationery, postage and administration costs associated with traditional invoicing were also significantly reduced.

Weland also needed a system to send IFTMIN documents, approximately 200 times a day, in order to meet their shipping needs. Responding to this requirement, Data Interchange added unique freight ordering functionality to Weland’s solution that integrated with their existing ERP system, moving the entire freight ordering process in-house within 6 months.

The Data Interchange solution provided a solid platform for future business growth and improvement. Weland’s IT Manager Håkan Andersson commented, “We chose Odex Enterprise because its enormous flexibility allowed us to trade within a wide range of industry sectors, meeting the integration requirements of our customers. The solution has been a real success story for our business.”

Next Steps

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