Volkswagen Group UK


A Managed File Transfer solution delivered on time and within budget 

Volkswagen Group is a global automotive company that manages some of the most recognised brands in the automotive industry. First established in the UK in 1953, Volkswagen UK supply automotive parts and vehicles to a growing UK market and employ more than 600 people.

Constantly driven by excellence and innovation, Volkswagen Group embarked upon a multi-million pound programme to revolutionise their business processes. Volkswagen UK sought to implement a secure and stable communication platform to improve collaboration with their 800 UK dealerships, with 500 in scope initially, identifying the need to replace their inefficient legacy systems.

The Data Interchange Solution

Data Interchange was selected on the basis of their technical expertise and proven ability to deliver robust solutions in a timely fashion. Acting as the integration point between VW’s internal systems and their dealerships, Data Interchange’s Managed File Transfer solution, Epic, provided daily access to the latest, up-to-date information, such as vehicle stock, prices and orders. Volkswagen UK outsourced the ongoing management and support of the MFT solution to Data Interchange’s Managed Services team, which meant Volkswagen UK were able to focus on their core business.

The Benefits

Data Interchange’s Epic solution, alongside the technical expertise of the Managed Service team and the availability of 24/7 support, ensured Volkswagen UK boosted operational efficiency with minimal cost. The Data Interchange solution had an enormous impact on improving Volkswagen UK’s overall customer service, as rapid access to up-to-date information was provided. 500 dealerships were connected, on time and within budget, and, following this success, Data Interchange were subsequently engaged to connect a further 300 dealerships.

Next Steps

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