Business Context

Toolbank specialises in the distribution of quality hand and power tools made by many of the world's leading tool manufacturers and operates from 13 warehouses throughout the United Kingdom. Toolbank had in place a legacy EDI system that was inflexible and expensive to run, and was unable to adapt to the differing EDI requirements of their suppliers.

The Data Interchange Solution

Data Interchange provided Toolbank with an enterprise level B2B Gateway and Data Mapping solution that is flexible to their evolving requirements. The solution supports all Toolbank’s current and future EDI/B2B requirements and provides an “Any-to-Any” Data Transformation capability which enables Toolbank to integrate their EDI processes with their proprietary ERP systems.


Our solution provided Toolbank with immediate cost savings and ROI through lowered TCO. The training and support provided by Data Interchange, coupled with increased functional capabilities, enabled Toolbank to optimise their EDI and integration processes, reduce the onboarding time for new trading partners and provide a B2B platform for future growth.

Next Steps

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