Delivering a new PAYE e-filing service offering

Symatrix is a specialist in technology and outsourcing for HR and payroll. From best-in-class HR and payroll systems implementation to cost-effective managed services and transaction outsourcing, Symatrix’ unique ‘SIMPLY’ approach enables its clients to cut complexity and cost. Symatrix has twice been named Oracle Applications Partner of the Year and is one of the largest dedicated Oracle HCM practices in the UK, successfully delivering over 1,500 HR projects since being founded in 1999.

Symatrix took the decision to extend its commercial service offerings to include the electronic filing of payroll data (PAYE) with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) on behalf of its clients. Symatrix needed a new system to provide a secure connection to HMRC, perform data transformation and sustain high-capacity filing loads at peak times of the year.

The Data Interchange Solution

Symatrix contacted Data Interchange following a recommendation from one of its HR partner companies. Symatrix wanted a secure, in-house solution that could be provided at a reasonable cost and would provide the business with flexibility and control over its new service offering.

Data Interchange provided their PAYE Online Filing solution that combined the message exchange services of Data Interchange’s Odex Enterprise and the managed connectivity of the Dinet Integration Network.

Following the installation of a direct connection to HMRC, the Data Interchange solution managed the e-filing of PAYE data with HMRC on behalf of Symatrix’ clients, automatically and reliably.

The Benefits

Using Data Interchange’s PAYE Online Filing solution, Symatrix was able to exchange PAYE data with HMRC securely and efficiently. Using the security and auditing features of Odex, Symatrix was able to assure the confidentiality of payroll information without complicating the PAYE submission process.

Having been unfamiliar with the EDI automation process previously, Symatrix was particularly impressed with the ease of use and personable support provided by Data Interchange. As Claire Milner, BPO Manager at Symatrix commented, “It’s very simple to use and the support we have received since its implementation has been excellent.”

Next Steps

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