A localised and integrated SAP solution provided at low cost and in a timely fashion

Nemak is a global automotive manufacturing company that specializes in the production of aluminum heads, engine blocks, transmission parts, and structural components. Over the last 30 years, continuous investment in research and technological innovation has seen Nemak employ over 20,000 employees, expand into 14 different countries and produce a yearly revenue of $4.3 billion.

In tandem with always aiming to be at the forefront of their industry sectors, JL French as they were then known, contacted Data Interchange having won a contract to work with Ford in 2011. Looking for an OFTP solution to facilitate their dealings with Ford, they began to start using Odex Enterprise together with the Dinet Integration Network. Not only did this allow them to exchange EDI messages with their numerous trading partners securely and efficiently, it also marked the beginning of an effective working relationship between Data Interchange and JL French. 

The Data Interchange solution

Following a successful merger with JL French and Nemak, the newly combined companies sought to harmonise their systems and looked once again to Data Interchange to help them integrate their different EDI systems. In June 2013, work began on the delivery of a solution for Nemak which was split into two parts and handled by both the UK and Spanish Data Interchange offices. Providing a flexible and professional service, large quantities of information were reviewed and mapped by both offices simultaneously to ensure a smooth transition to the new system. 

Based on a combination of Odex Enterprise and the Dinet Integration Network, Data Interchange’s premier message exchange and global messaging systems respectively, the challenge of the configuration was that Nemak’s SAP system was externally provided and based in Austria. Accordingly, while Odex allowed Nemak to continue to communicate directly with their current customers, like Ford for example,  Dinet was able to account for the rest of their trading partners which following the merger, were still running through a different Value Added Network (VAN).

The link between the EDI documents and the SAP language, Idocs, was made through the development of translations map managed as workflow processes by Odex Enterprise. Odex, communicating directly with SAP using its native connection method (tRFC) using the Odex SAP integration component, was then in charge of exchanging all the information to and from SAP to close the link between the external EDI world and the internal ERP system.

The Benefits

With the combination of the capabilities supplied, Nemak were able to communicate with all their partners, via Dinet or direct connections and to integrate with their externally hosted SAP in a native mode using Idocs, with full traceability and total control of the processes. At the same time, Data Interchange managed the migration from their previous EDI provider to the Dinet Integration Network without losing the continuity of their EDI flows. This unified both solution and EDI traffic in a unique provider, and ensured Nemak were able to take full advantage of the most competitive pricing model that Dinet offers.

The project was delivered on time and allowed Nemak Spain to start using their corporate SAP at the beginning of 2014.

Next Steps

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