A bespoke and localised EDI solution with Managed Support 

Established in 1912, Ibiden is a Japanese electronics and ceramics company that specialises in high quality automotive parts including circuit boards, DPF filters, specialist carbons and graphite products. Pioneering new markets through the superior technological development of their product lines, Ibiden now employ over 3,600 people who are based in 34 locations across 17 countries. 
A valued customer of Data Interchange for four years, Ibiden were using an Odex Enterprise and Dinet Integration Network-based solution in their Japanese headquarters in Ogaki. Focusing their core EDI technology at the Japanese headquarters however, meant that protocol or map change requests had to be sent to Japan because the German subsidiary did not have the in-house expertise to make the changes themselves.   

The Data Interchange Solution 

As a result of this change request process, often, the technology support lead time for the German subsidiary of Ibiden failed to meet the expectations of its localised trading partners. Seeking to standardise their EDI processes, Ibiden sought the assistance of Data Interchange to implement their existing solution at their German office, to ensure both better reaction times to local markets and trading partner demands. 
Providing a full, in-house system, Data Interchange implemented an Odex Enterprise-based solution combined with a tailor-made Manage Service package to ensure the German Ibiden subsidiary could process their own change requests. Using the superior mapping processing capabilities of Odex, Data Interchange were able to onboard and map Ibiden’s existing German trading partners and localise the EDI technology to the German subsidiary.   

The Benefits 

With the in-house solution providing the required compliance, Data Interchange were then able to offer first-class technical assistance and support to Ibiden using monthly remote access and planned maintenance sessions. Removing the need for an expensive in-house expertise and infrastructure, Data Interchange were able to streamline Ibiden’s business processes by managing the solution and ensuring cost savings in terms of resource allocation and allowing continued focus on core business.  
Frank Scheffler, Head of Account Management at IBIDEN Europe B.V. Stuttgart Branch was especially impressed with the solution and commented;"Since the handover of the advanced administration and partner-onboarding to Data Interchange GmbH consulting the reaction time to new trading partner requests has been reduced dramatically, this affects our relationship to our partners in a very positive way."

Next Steps

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