About Eberspächer

Eberspächer Exhaust GmbH & Co. KG is a company in the field of exhaust technology, vehicle heaters and air conditioning systems - the technology makes an active contribution to sustainable mobility, safety and well-being. In 2011, the company employed 6,300 employees and generated revenue of about $3.5 billion. With over 67 locations in 27 countries, the company is represented in all key markets.

As a supplier of advanced technology in the automotive industry, from manufacturers to parts dealers and workshops, fast, reliable and automated connection within the process chain of all partners is essential.

The challenge

For networking with trade and technology partners Eberpächer relies on a combination of direct and indirect secure EDI connections via VAN (value added network). The previously used VAN solution did not fulfil the requirements for economic efficiency and transparency.

The solution from Data Interchange

Eberspächer decided to replace the previous solution with the Dinet from Data Interchange. The migration of the partner links to Dinet had to be seamless in operation and was completed within 6 months. The internal work required from Eberspächer to complete this migration was minimal. And for the trading partners there was no need to make any changes to the communication processes.


Next Steps

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