Clarton Horn

Ensuring continuity of core business focus with a professional & timely service

At the beginning of 2009, engineering and electronics multinational BOSCH decided to sell its Spanish production plant to Clarton Horn. In the short time period since, they have become a leading automotive manufacturing company in the production of car horns. Situated primarily in the picturesque La Carolina region of Spain, production rates have now exceeded 150 million horns since the company takeover.

After the acquisition in 2009, Clarton Horn had a limited period of time where they could benefit from the EDI services provided by their previous owner BOSCH, after which they would have to find a new provider. EDI is a critical service for Clarton Horn and therefore needed to urgently find a new provider. Clarton Horn needed a solution from a local Spanish provider that allowed for future expansion with minimal disruption to business processes and crucially, before their EDIcontract expired.

The Data Interchange solution

Data Interchange consolidated Clarton Horn’s EDIservice onto a single solution using the message exchange platform, Odex Enterprise. In as little as 4 months, an entirely new system that integrated all pre-existing trading-partner connections was in place. By switching EDI connectivity to Data Interchange’s global messaging platform, the Dinet Integration Network, Clarton Horn also benefitted from a single, managed connection to all of their customers.

The Benefits

Demonstrating first class project management from start to finish, Data Interchange ensured Clarton Horn remained entirely business-focused by handling all aspects of the implementation. Similarly, the provision of a brand new and SAP integrated EDI system in just four months, ensured a smooth transition and invaluable business continuity in the months before the expiration of their original EDI solution.

Commenting on the achievements of Data Interchange, David Gonzalez, EDI and IT Manager at Clarton Horn said, “With its expertise and solutions Data Interchange has helped us to accomplish a change that seemed to be impossible.”

Next Steps

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