Increasing collaborative trading and reducing EDI operational costs

Cikautxo were formed in 1972 as part of the Mondragon Corporation and specialise in the production of plastic and rubber automotive components. Employing over 80,000 employees worldwide, Mondragon Corporation are one of the largest co-operatives in the world.

Active in numerous market sectors, Cikautxo have a growing customer base in many sectors including the automotive, domestic appliance, biomedical and material markets. Operating at an increasingly international level, Cikautxo are continuing to expand rapidly and globally.

As their business started to grow, Cikautxo found it increasingly difficult to collaborate effectively with their increasing customer base. Their legacy EDI system was inflexible and unable to meet their customers’ EDI requirements, putting a strain on their business relationships. Cikautxo wanted a solution that could react quickly to their customer’s changing EDI requirements and which could accommodate rapidly increasing numbers of trading partners.

The Data Interchange Solution

Looking for an efficient yet flexible solution, Cikautxo approached Data Interchange who recommended their EDI gateway solution, Odex Enterprise. Using Odex Enterprise allowed Cikautxo to exchange EDI files in any format with their customers safely and securely. Over a number of weeks, Data Interchange worked hard to develop all the different data transformation maps to convert data between Cikautxo’s ERP system, GEMINIX, and their customers’ EDI formats.

Following the success of the project, and to provide a future-proof connectivity solution, Cikautxo also switched to Data Interchange’s Dinet Integration Network to provide the connectivity to their trading partners. By using Dinet, Cikautxo needed just a single, managed connection to Dinet to provide connectivity to all their customers.

The Benefits

With Data Interchange’s solutions and help, Cikautxo established collaborative trading relationships with more than 90% of their customer using only a single internal resource to manage their EDI. Cikautxo also made an astounding 85% saving on their EDI operational costs and were able to actively pursue their expansion plans, safe in the knowledge that the Data Interchange solution would accommodate substantial future growth.

Susana Moreno, EDI coordinator at Cikautxo was particularly impressed with the automation offered by Data Interchange’s solution,  commenting, “Taking into account the number of trading partners we have and the differences in their requirements, the amount of input required from our team is surprisingly minimal.”

Summarising the overall success of the Data Interchange solution, EPI Vega, IT Manager at Cikautxo remarked that, “With the help received from Data Interchange, Cikautxo is now able to meet every new challenge from our customers.”

Next Steps

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