Burrenkopf was established in 1945 and is a manufacturer and wholesaler of superior oils and lubricants. Based in Cologne, Germany, Burrenkopf provide a wide variety of products to large companies and with over 60 years of industry experience, pride themselves on their efficient order and invoicing process. As a local supplier of high quality lubricants to the automotive company Ford, Burrenkopf were previously using Ford’s web portal to receive orders and manage the exchange of business documents. 
After a shift in business processes however, Ford mandated a change away from the web portal to integrated EDI and encrypted document exchange and made this a compulsory requirement of their business relationship. Burrenkopf did not have an EDI solution in place and were outsourcing their information technology needs to an external supplier. Following a recommendation from Ford, they contacted Data Interchange to provide them with a desktop EDI solution to ensure continued trade links with Ford. 

The Data Interchange Solution

Burrenkopf wanted a solution that was easy to use, quick to implement and affordable, but most importantly it had to fully meet the EDI requirements of Ford. Data Interchange recommended its Darwin solution with its built in support for the Ford EDI processes. 
Darwin provided an out-of-the-box solution enabling Burrenkopf to receive orders and forecasts from Ford. Burrenkopf was also able to send back advanced shipment notices (ASNs) as well as produce all related paper documentation and transport labels.

The Benefits 

Since implementing Darwin, Burrenkopf have been able to eliminate the time consuming manual processes and associated costs of the web portal and make substantial savings in relation to administration and supply chain costs. The ease within which the setup and implementation was handled also impressed Burrenkopf. The fast implementation, installation, setup, training and handover were completed in just two days and well below industry practices. 
Supporting every EDI process in the Ford supplier transaction process, the Data Interchange solution ensured Burrenkopf could continue to trade with Ford as a Tier 1 supplier and are prepared to meet the EDI demands of any future customers.

Next Steps

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