A flexible and reactive solution to support rapid company expansion

Aludec was first established in 1984 in Vigo, Spain and specialises in the production of high quality car elements. Taking raw materials such as resin and black PVC, Aludec uses sophisticated silk-screening techniques to produce first-class decal, labels and functional parts.

Enjoying an increasing global demand for their products, Aludec needed to adapt their business processes to reflect the rapidly diversifying EDI requirements of their growing number of trading partners. Approaching Data Interchange for assistance, Aludec needed a solution that was flexible enough to allow Aludec to respond directly to differing customer requirements and cater for future company growth.

The Data Interchange Solution

Data Interchange initially implemented its business integration platform, Odex Enterprise, to provide a solution that could integrate with their internal systems and exchange messages in various EDI formats with multiple trading partners.

As the company grew however, Data Interchange were able to enhance and adapt the solution further, enabling Aludec to retain an increasing number of trading partners without compromising on cost or efficiency. This was implemented by accommodating more advanced workflows and managing wider and more secure connectivity respectively, by integrating Epic, their enterprise integration solution and the global messaging capability of the Dinet Integration Network.

The Benefits

Aludec have seen numerous benefits including a reduction in EDI invoicing costs and the doubling of their EDI traffic at a 20% lower cost in comparison to their previous legacy system.

Data Interchange gave Aludec complete ownership of their systems, streamlining their business processes and providing a stable platform for future business expansion.

Commenting on the success of the solution in facilitating business growth, Daniel Rico, Logistic Manager at Aludec, “Data Interchange has been able to help us in our growth with their solutions and professionalism.”

Next Steps

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