Xlate Evolution

Xlate maps any file format to any other file format. A powerful mapping solution that gives companies of all sizes the ability to integrate internal systems and applications with trading partners. Xlate is the perfect solution for the most simple or the most complex of mappings.

A super powerful mapping solution

Included with Xlate is a vast selection of commonly used dictionaries, with updates made available. Xlate can also be integrated with Odex Enterprise, providing greater control and visibility of the entire mapping process.

Core features

Xlate is a super-powerful mapping solution with:

  • Any to any file format mapper
  • Integrate internal applications and systems with trading partners
  • Sophisticated drag and drop interface
  • Supports all common EDI file formats
  • Standards reference library
  • File investigator
  • Multiple syntax support
  • Report designer with data definition editor

Syntax support includes EDIFACT, EANCOM, Odette, ANSI X12, TRADACOMS, VDA, XML, SAP IDOC, CSV and flat file.

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