Data Interchange appoints new CEO

Data Interchange PLC today announced that its board of directors have appointed Robert Steiner as Chief Executive Officer. This appointment is effective immediately and sees both Ieuan and Ewan Friend move onto the board of directors, leaving Robert responsible for the day-to-day management of the business, backed up by the existing Leadership Team.
Publicado el 17 septiembre 2019
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Data Interchange recibe la acreditación oficial de la Agencia Tributaria como proveedor de terceros para el sistema SII

El acuerdo de colaboración autoriza a Data Interchange a gestionar como tercero autorizado la comunicación con la AEAT para el cumplimiento de sus clientes del nuevo sistema SII.

Publicado el 1 junio 2017
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Data Interchange participa en la Jornada "Comisión de Eficiencia Financiera" de Zaragoza para hablar sobre el nuevo sistema SII

Data Interchange participa este jueves junto a Cuatrecasas en la comisión de eficiencia financiera organizada por el Clúster de Automoción de Aragón. El eje central de la jornada girará alrededor de la implantación del nuevo sistema SII del IVA con la Agencia Tributaria, que entra en vigor el próximo 1 de julio.
Publicado el 24 abril 2017
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Reduciendo tiempos y costes de implantación de SAP

Data Interchange y Stratesys cierran un acuerdo de colaboración para reducir los tiempos y costes de implantación de SAP habilitando el uso de todo tipo de transacciones electrónicas entre las organizaciones y sus respectivas comunidades de negocio
Publicado el 15 febrero 2016
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Data Interchange lanza un nuevo panel de control para aumentar la visibilidad de los procesos de integración B2B

Data Interchange, un proveedor líder de soluciones de integración B2B, lanza el nuevo panel de control para su Dinet Integration Network. El nuevo panel de control ofrece la mejor funcionalidad en su clase para controlar y gestionar el flujo de documentos y archivos comerciales electrónicos entre los socios comerciales. 
Publicado el 19 junio 2015
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Fuerte demanda del seminario de MMOG/LE v4 Global en España para la industria de la cadena de suministro automovilística

Data Interchange, proveedor líder de facturación electrónica y soluciones para el ciclo de negocio completo compra-pago, continúa teniendo una fuerte demanda de su serie de seminarios gratuitos de la recomendación Global de MMOG/LE v4. 
Publicado el 11 mayo 2015
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Bezpłatne seminaria MMOG / LE v4 : 16-20 lutego w Polsce i na Węgrzech

Data Interchange we współpracy z Fiat Chrysler Automotive, General Motors i Ford Motor Company, organizuje cykl bezpłatnych seminariów Materials Management Operations Guidelines/Logistics Evaluation (MMOG/LE) v4. Seminaria odbywają się 16- 20 lutego  2015 w Polsce i na Węgrzech.
Publicado el 10 febrero 2015
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Data Interchange wins large business of the year award

Data Interchange, a local IT provider of supply chain and B2B integration solutions was pleased to win the Larger Business of the Year award at the 2014 Peterborough Business Awards attended by many of Peterborough’s top businesses. 
Publicado el 27 noviembre 2014
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The Untapped Opportunity of EDI

Our automotive industry expert, David Eyes, was recently interviewed for an article in The Manufacturer magazine talking about “The Untapped Opportunity of EDI”.
Publicado el 25 noviembre 2014
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Data Interchange launches MMOG/LE seminars in Spain

Data Interchange, in conjunction with AIAG/ ODETTE and Industry Forum is running a series of MMOG/LE seminars which are being scheduled to support the rollout of MMOG/LE v4 in USA and Europe. The seminars focus on presenting the benefits across the end-to-end supply chain of adopting the Global MMOG/LE v4 best practice toolkit.
Publicado el 7 noviembre 2014
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Metaldyne receive special recognition from Ford for 11th consecutive year

For the 11th year in a row, Data Interchange’s customer Metaldyne has received a special recognition award from automotive giant, Ford. The award acknowledges their outstanding performance record; for example, since 2003, Metaldyne has achieved a record of zero parts per million defects and a 100% on-time delivery record. 
Publicado el 5 septiembre 2014
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Data Interchange launches its first American office

Data Interchange, a leading provider of electronic data interchange (EDI) and B2B integration solutions, announced the launch of their first office in USA, based in Santa Barbara, California.
Publicado el 22 julio 2014
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SMMT International Automotive Summit 2014

Data Interchange will be exhibiting at the sixth SMMT International Automotive Summit on Wednesday 11th June 2014 in Canary Wharf, London. 
Publicado el 9 junio 2014
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Data Interchange will be showcasing our EDI solution offerings and promoting the benefits of MMOG/LE

The Odette Conference 2014 is the premier automotive conference for Automotive Supply Chain Management, Telecommunications and IT, bringing together senior decision makers from around the globe. 
Publicado el 16 mayo 2014
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Data Interchange launch new Support Portal

As part of our ongoing commitment to providing the best possible level of customer support we are proud to announce the release of our brand new Support Portal. The new portal has been completely redesigned and is just one of the many steps we are taking to continually enhance our support services. 
Publicado el 8 mayo 2014
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Data Interchange is protected from Heartbleed Exploitation

Over the past few days there have been lots of discussions about the ‘Heartbleed bug’. Heartbleed is the name of a bug in versions 1.0.1-1.0.1f of OpenSSL where server memory can be exposed by attackers, without server owners being aware. This may lead to sensitive informtion being leaked over the Internet.

Publicado el 9 abril 2014
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New App Launched for Monitoring EDI Transactions on Your iPhone

All DINET customers can now track and monitor their B2B / EDI transactions on the move using their iPhone.
Publicado el 13 noviembre 2013
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Data Interchange strengthens its position in the Chinese EDI automotive market

Data Interchange announced a distribution partnership with Commit-Info, a Chinese provider of Business Intelligence software and services for global manufacturers, that will see Chinese automotive parts manufacturers being able to take advantage of Data Interchange’s EDI solution portfolio.
Publicado el 4 noviembre 2013
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Data Interchange to power QAD Managed EDI On Demand

Data Interchange and QAD announce partnership. Provides QAD customers with a fully managed EDI service to simplify collaboration and reduce costs accross the value chain.
Publicado el 6 mayo 2013
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