Paper invoicing costs the average business £8.50 per invoice, according to a study by GS1. Businesses that receive paper invoices from suppliers typically re-key the data into their accounting system – the higher the volume of received invoices, the higher the administration overhead required to process these invoices.

Businesses can eliminate this administration overhead and avoid re-keying errors by adopting electronic invoicing, commonly known as e-Invoicing.

By sending e-Invoices, your business can completely eliminate its associated stationery, postage and administration costs. Not only that, but e-Invoices arrive instantly at your customer, enabling you to receive payment sooner.

Data Interchange e-Invoicing Platform

The Data Interchange e-Invoicing solution enables your business to perform e-Invoicing with both your suppliers and customers, with e-Invoices integrated directly into your accounting system.

Using our e-Invoicing Web Portal, re-branded with your corporate image, you can e-Invoice enable all of your customers and suppliers, regardless of their size or technology maturity. In addition, larger trading partners can exchange e-Invoices via EDI, thereby directly integrating your accounting system with that of your trading partner. Trading Partners can create and send e-Invoices to you using the eInvoicing Portal as well as view and download e-Invoices that you have sent to them.

All inbound invoices are validated automatically against standard rules, and our solution can be configured to perform validation according to your business requirements. For EDI e-Invoices, a human readable PDF image is created and stored in an archive along with the EDI invoice.

Our e-Invoicing solution comprises six core capabilities:

  • Web Portal and EDI Integration
  • Data Validation
  • Image Generation
  • Invoice Archiving
  • Data Transformation
  • Compliance

Solution Benefits

The Data Interchange e-Invoicing solution uses global standards to ensure compliance with country specific invoice regulations. With 100% enablement of your trading partners, your business can significantly reduce the administration overhead required for routine invoice processing.

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