PEPPOL for NHS suppliers

As an NHS supplier, you must be PEPPOL-enabled to receive and send electronic documents with your customers. By connecting to PEPPOL, you will be able to connect to the NHS supply chain digitally, receiving electronic sales orders and issuing electronic shipping notices and invoices.

PEPPOL is another form of electronic data interchange (or EDI), which has existed for some time in the private sector, providing many benefits to buyers: 


  • Reduction in disputes caused by inconsistent data
  • Reduced administration and paperwork
  • Faster moving stock
  • Less compliance checks

Potential Saving

£14 per order

Despatch Advices

  • Faster moving stock
  • Truck optimsation and improved logistics
  • reduction in administrative work, fewer instances in stock going missing, fewer delays and less disputes

Potential Saving

£12 per ASN sent


  • Elimination of invoice paperwork, data entry and storage costs
  • reduction in the cost of disputes management, administrative work and validation

Potential Saving

£8.50 per invoice sent

Total potential savings per transaction.


The electronic receipt of purchase orders gives improved visibility of customer demand. You can then confirm that you will fulfil the order, helping your customer’s production planning. You can also issue an advanced shipping notice, giving customers early warning of any supply shortage ans allowing them to put contingency plans in place if required. 

When you ultimately deliver the goods, your customer can issue a delivery confirmation so that you are aware of successful delivery.. The confirmation will help you to invoice accurately and the electronic invoice can be processed quickly by your customer. They can also provide you with valuable data, such as a scheduled payment date for the invoice. 

How Data Interchange can help | Our PEPPOL solution for NHS suppliers

Data Interchange's PEPPOL solutions let you trade with all your customers throughout Europe using a common, European e-procurement standard.  Click here for more information on how we can help you with your PEPPOL implementation.

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