PEPPOL and the NHS

Background to PEPPOL and the NHS

The UK Government commissioned Lord Carter to analyse NHS procurement and prepare a report with recommendations on how best to improve overall efficiency and drive out waste. As a result, in April 2014 the NHS published its e-procurement strategy highlighting the implementation of electronic ordering, invoicing and shipping documents over the PEPPOL network as a key part of the strategy. 

The NHS e-procurement strategy is driven by the need to optimise and align existing e-procurement practises across the entire NHS. Where previously all NHS providers had utilised a variety of e-procurement solutions to some extent, none had fully implemented e-procurement to underpin all of their procurement activity. 

The Department of Health predicts that the greater use of procurement intelligence and sourcing solutions will improve the outcomes of contracting activity. The benchmarking of this procurement data will also enable NHS trusts to compare prices with their peers and to increase competition amongst the NHS supply chain.

The Department of Health is currently investing £12 million across six demonstrator sites to accelerate the implementation of e-procurement and PEPPOL solutions. The six NHS trusts  are Derby, Salisbury, North Tees, Cornwall, Plymouth and Leeds; these sites are part of a wider strategy that will see every NHS Trust in the country using PEPPOL model by 2022.

As a certified PEPPOL Access Point, Data Interchange offer comprehensive services and solutions to NHS Trusts and the NHS supply chain, inclusive of large enterprises and SMEs.

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