Our PEPPOL solutions for NHS Suppliers


Solutions for Suppliers

Our Order Fulfilment solutions provide everything you need to implement PEPPOL and trade with your PEPPOL enabled customers.

Low Volume Suppliers – Web Portal

For those suppliers with low trading volumes, the Data Interchange Web Portal is fully self-contained and doesn’t need to integrate with an ERP system. So it’s perfect for you if you’re a small to medium sized organisation. You simply create an account, let you customer know you are connected to PEPPOL and start trading!

Mid-Volume Suppliers – Integration Pack

For those suppliers who send and receive greater volumes of sales orders and invoices, the Data Interchange Integration Pack is a small, downloadable adapter that can integrate directly with your accountancy solution. This avoids re-keying of sales order and invoice data, and allows the documents to be sent directly from your system, to your customer’s system – over the PEPPOL network.

High-Volume Suppliers – PEPPOL Managed Services Pack

Suppliers who need to send and receive large volumes of data over the PEPPOL network require an industry-standard integration option. Data Interchange’s PEPPOL Managed Services Pack ensures your organisation has everything it needs to implement PEPPOL.

We will manage the integration with your accountancy system, inclusive of an adaptor, data mappings to and from PEPPOL formats. Designed to meet the NHS eProcurement strategy requirements, this software and services bundle will meet any large supplier’s PEPPOL requirements.

Data Interchange will provide you with everything you need to fully integrate all PEPPOL business documents into your accountancy system, inclusive of all standard messages – sales orders, sales order confirmation, advanced shipping notification, delivery confirmation and invoices.

The PEPPOL Managed Services Pack includes both the data transformation technology and on premise adapter technology for connecting your accountancy system with PEPPOL via our Dinet Network.

Our service delivery team will help you quickly implement PEPPOL using our tried and tested “6 step delivery approach”:

  • Understand your business requirements
  • Design solution
  • Install and configure integration solution
  • Develop data transformations
  • Perform end-to-end testing
  • Go-Live

For further information, please contact a member of the commercial team
+44 (0) 1733 371311