What is PEPPOL?

This European-wide, interoperable network connects government organisations and private companies so they can exchange electronic trading documents as part of their day-to-day business. At its heart, PEPPOL is a set of open and interoperable technical specifications across purchase-to-pay (P2P) business processes. 

The new EU Directive 2014/55/EU, on electronic invoicing in public procurement, means that all public sector entities must be digitally connected to their supply chain by 2020. This has seen many EU governments and institutions connect their existing systems to the PEPPOL network. Their suppliers are seizing on this opportunity and also connecting to PEPPOL, creating what will be the largest digital network of buyers and suppliers in Europe by 2020, across both the private and public sectors.

How does the PEPPOL network work?


PEPPOL enables access to its network through certified PEPPOL Access Points. All Access Points interoperate so that existing e-procurement and e-invoicing solutions become interconnected; only one connection to PEPPOL is ever required. A single addressing mechanism ensures that all traffic is routed to the correct organisation across multiple Access Points.

Data Interchange is an certified PEPPOL Access Point and, if you choose one of our solutions, we can connect you to all of the organisations within the PEPPOL network.

How do I connect to the PEPPOL network?

Whether you are a large multi-national or an SME, supplier or buyer, public or private sector – there is a solution that meets your needs. Data Interchange offers a number of technology solutions, from simple point-to-point and web capture, through to sophisticated integrations. 

As a certified PEPPOL Access Point, Data Interchange offer comprehensive services and solutions to NHS Trusts and the wider UK public sector and private sector companies, including large enterprises and SMEs, enabling organisations to send electronic purchase orders and receive e-invoices.

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About Data Interchange's PEPPOL Access Point

With our Dinet Integration Network providing the backbone of our PEPPOL offering, you also have access to all of Dinet’s integration capabilities, including document visibility, data transformation, monitoring and alerting and a managed integration capability.

We obtained one of the first PEPPOL certification as a PEPPOL Access Point in the UK and we were one of only six service providers to be selected to take part in a demonstration of PEPPOL technology for the Department of Health. The proof of technology showed that using a PEPPOL Access Point provides greater opportunities for supplier competition, lowers sourcing costs and enables cross-border implementation of public sector e-procurement by facilitating the pre-award and post-procurement processes. We can help you, too, with your implementation of PEPPOL.

  • PEPPOL-certified Access Point
  • Business documents supported:
    • Ordering
    • Invoicing
    • Advance shipping notifications
  • ERP integration and order fulfilment
  • Implementation and professional services


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