Managed File Transfer

A more efficient way to secure data transfer

Every business needs to transfer critical information in a secure and timely manner – whether internally or externally with key customers, suppliers and other partners, often collaborating using shared processes.

Managed File Transfer (MFT) addresses the challenges experienced by businesses looking to take a structured, maintainable approach to system to system file transfer and business systems integration.

Why choose Data Interchange MFT?

Data Interchange’s MFT delivers best in class enterprise level file transfer for your current and future needs, differentiating itself through its intelligent data transformation and routing that allow complex file transfer and process integration needs to be designed and managed with ease.

Data Interchange is a leading provider in electronic data interchange (EDI) and eBusiness solutions for global organisations specializing in automotive, manufacturing, logistics, and local and national government with over 27 years experience.

Data Interchange solutions provide critical functionality for managing communications and data transformation for over 4,000 customers globally within and beyond the enterprise, enabling them to collaborate with their customers, suppliers and partners.

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