EDI with your suppliers

EDI lets you collaborate more efficiently with your suppliers and push costs out of the supply chain by eliminating inefficiencies and manual interventions.  Data Interchange is an industry leader in supply chain integration, for all types of and size of business.

We help businesses of all sizes integrate with their suppliers

Our EDI solutions are used to integrate seamlessly with large and small networks of suppliers. Whether you are trading with a small number of SME suppliers, or a large number of suppliers located around the world, we can help with any kind of technical and business requirement, and provide support and resources to manage. Many thousands of brands from all over the world put their trust in our EDI solutions.

Core offering

Whether you need an EDI Gateway to exchange forecasts, orders, invoices, or any other business document, and whether your suppliers want to integrate with their ERP systems or require a simple web EDI portal, our EDI solution portfolio has all the bases covered to ensure you achieve 100% supplier uptake.

You decide what data to share

With our EDI solutions, you can share a variety of data with your suppliers:

  • Supplier capability surveys
  • Supplier on-boarding
  • Managed connectivity

We will deliver an EDI solution that meets your exact business processes.

Globally recognised authority in EDI

Data Interchange is a globally recognised authority in EDI, with a rich history of inventing many EDI technologies that are widely used today. We are committed to innovation, so you can rest assured that our EDI solutions will evolve as requirements change.

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