Dinet - Integration Network

The Dinet Integration Network is a global B2B messaging network that lets you exchange business critical documents with your trading partners across the world.

Dinet provides you with a managed integration solution that lets you exchange documents with hundreds of thousands of trading partners.

Dinet combines connectivity, data transformation, monitoring and tracking into a single cohesive solution, managed by our team of specialists.

A future proof integration solution

Dinet lets your business run the way you want, managing the connectivity with your trading partners on your behalf and protecting you from their ever-changing integration requirements.

Access to 100,000s of trading partners

With a single, managed connection to Dinet you have access to 100,000s of trading partners.

Expertise on hand

Our Dinet service team manages the integration infrastructure for you and on-boards new trading partners as your business grows, letting you focus on your core business.

Complete visibility

Trace the progress of your business documents as they are exchanged with your suppliers, with 360 degree visibility of all your document transfers. All document transfers are fully auditable, with delivery receipts for proof of delivery.

Keep your data safe

All data is protected using industry-standard encryption and digital signatures to guard against data breach or tampering.

Guaranteed service availability

Sophisticated disaster recovery infrastructure, including multiple data centres means that Dinet has a proven track record in consistently exceeding a service availability of 99.97%.

Access anywhere

Access your data from anywhere with our industry first, native iPhone app and web dashboard, providing you with all of your critical information on the go.


For further information, please contact a member of the commercial team
+44 (0) 1733 371311