Vehicle Keeper Enquiries

What is the DVLA Vehicle Keeper Service?

Our Vehicle Keeper software enables local authorities, bailiffs and private parking companies to query the DVLA (KADOE) database and quickly establish the registered keeper of any vehicle on a given date.

Providing a comprehensive breakdown of vehicle information, the response files include current registered keeper details as well as a vehicle make, model, colour and taxation category information.

Key Features:

Rapid overnight enquiry processing What is the DVLA Vehicle Keeper Service?

Submit enquiries to the DVLA before 4pm on a working-day and receive response files within 24 hours of submission.

Dedicated service support

Let our service support team assist you every step of the way, constantly monitoring your submissions and liaising with the DVLA in the event of any processing errors.

Reduced labour and administration costs

Simplify your payment processes and save time by eliminating any unnecessary paperwork by sending your DVLA enquiries electronically.

Fully integrated service

Integrate our DVLA Vehicle Keeper Service with your case management system and automate your enquiry process, reducing the need for manual input.

Highly secure data protection

Enquiry and response files are protected using industry-standard encryption and digital signatures to safeguard against data breach or tampering.

No more time delays or postage costs

Remove postage costs and minimise turnaround times to ensure your submissions are never lost in the mail by submitting enquiries through our DVLA Vehicle Keeper Service.

For further information, please contact a member of the commercial team
+44 (0) 1733 371311