RTI EDI Filing

The Data Interchange RTI EDI Filing solution for corporates and pension funds lets you easily exchange PAYE and RTI (Real Time Information) tax data with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

RTI EDI Filing lets you securely send and receive high volumes of RTI information to HMRC using EDI, directly from your payroll systems. It’s ideal for organisations that have large numbers of employees or pension administrators who administer large pension funds.

With full support for PAYE and RTI , RTI EDI Filing also lets you exchange PAYE data with HMRC in real time, as payments are made.

Business benefits

  • Cost savings – no manual intervention, administration, paperwork, printing or postage and 100% data accuracy lets you realise significant cost savings
  • Efficiency – with a seamless connection to HMRC direct from your payroll systems, PAYE and RTI submissions become a simple and automated process regardless of the volume of employees or pensioners
  • Speed of delivery – RTI data is sent to HMRC and acknowledged within minutes, giving you more flexibility to successfully hit PAYE submission deadlines and avoid penalties

Core features

  • Integrates seamlessly with HMRC and your payroll systems 
  • Support for any payroll software with file based EDI integration
  • HMRC XML, GFF and EDIFACT file formats supported
  • Supports all PAYE and RTI documents
  • Supports new Government Gateway XML channel (HMRC requirement for April 2018)
  • Secure, encrypted connection to HMRC
  • Fully automated, unattended processing 
  • Facilitates automated tax code changes
  • Support for Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) messaging
  • Report PAYE in real time, as payments are made

For further information, please contact a member of the commercial team
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