Survey reveals a need for EDI integration among ERP users

Almost 88% of EDI users have an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, a MRP (Materials Resource Planning) system or other planning system, according to a survey of companies conducted this year by leading EDI company, Data Interchange. While the vast majority can import and export messages – which one would expect of a modern ERP – the survey reveals a small but significant number of companies that can’t. 
These tend to be hampered by legacy systems, according to Colin Fisher, Head of Sales at Data Interchange. “If a company has invested in an ERP, they are likely to be getting significant benefit in terms of costs and integration. However, for a small additional investment, Data Interchange can help a company realise the full potential of their ERP.”
The survey also found that, of the companies that are using customer web portals only, 64% have an ERP, MRP or planning system. Only approximately half of these can import and export.
“If the ERP is capable of integration, which most are, why is there a reliance on portals?” Fisher asked. “By not making the leap to full integration, those companies are using a manual process to export from the portal and import into the ERP, which incurs risk and cost.”
Out of the non-EDI users, the survey found that 38% have an ERP, MRP or planning system, but only 1 in 10 can import and export.
“If you have a fully functional ERP system, you should have EDI,” said Fisher. “Without it, a company is adding complexity, cost and risk.” 

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