PEPPOL e-procurement clearly explained

27/06/2016 is a new website that provides a clear understanding of PEPPOL, a set of open and interoperable technical specifications that span public sector purchase-to-pay processes. It has been created by Data Interchange, a PEPPOL-accredited access point and a GS1 solution partner.
Visitors to will quickly see why e-procurement and e-invoicing are so important in the NHS, where PEPPOL fits into the Government’s healthcare strategy and why GS1 standards are crucial to its success. also offers the opportunity to download a PEPPOL Basics whitepaper, discussing the benefits on inventory control of a move to PEPPOL and GS1.
“PEPPOL enables government organisations and private companies to exchange electronic trading documents over an interoperable, European-wide network,” said Ewan Friend, Managing Director of Data Interchange. “In simple terms, it offers a standardised network connection for electronic ordering, invoicing and shipping notifications. Whether you are a large government department, a private company or a service provider, it is vital that you are fully aware of the important role PEPPOL will play in the NHS e-procurement strategy, as well as its tremendous opportunities and benefits. If you are a supplier of medical or in-vitro devices, you must have chosen a PEPPOL access point by September 2016.”
Friend added: “In addition to presenting an easy-to-understand explanation of PEPPOL and e-procurement, provides an opportunity to get free advice and guidance on how to become PEPPOL-compliant.”
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