Data Interchange at the Odette Conference 2018

Data Interchange at the Odette Conference 2018 | 12th-13th November 2018,
Lille Grand Palais - France

We are excited to announce our attendance at Odette 2018 – the automotive conference dedicated to showcasing the ongoing digitisation within the automotive sector and the technologies that are driving the transition. At Odette 2018, you can discover exactly how industry leaders in the automotive sector have sought to bridge the data gap to minimise the disruption to business-critical supply chains in making the transition to digital practices.
We are very much looking forward to sharing our wealth of experience and expertise with other Odette 2018 attendees and learning more about effective supply chain management in this ever-changing area of B2B trading relations. 

For more information about the Odette Conference 2018, please visit their website here