Data Interchange Preparations for Brexit

Data Interchange has been a global trading company for the last 30 years with physical office locations and operations in the UK and mainland Europe. We will continue to support all our customers in Europe and beyond and do not expect Brexit to have an impact on our customers’ use of our software and services.

We do however want to re assure our customers of the following;
Data protection/security of data
  • The UK has been at the forefront of European data protection laws and is expected to continue to mirror any changes to EU data protection regulations going forwards.  Data Interchange Plc  will continue to adhere to both UK and EU regulations and recommendations regarding the provision of data services.
  • Whilst we expect the UK to be an approved destination for EU data in the near future (an "Adequacy Decision"), if this is not the case (if the UK leaves the EU without a Withdrawal Agreement), we can rely on EU approved Standard Contractual Clauses to ensure legal compliance with GDPR for the transfer of personal data from the EU to a non-EU country.
  • The UK Government has confirmed that it will continue to recognise the EU as a safe destination for data transfers from the UK.

Import/trade tariffs/restrictions
  • Data Interchange software and services are sold and supported by European offices as part of the Data Interchange Plc group. We will continue to support customers mainland Europe post-Brexit.  Data Interchange internal inter-company trading and/or currency fluctuations will not impact end user prices or availability.
  • Our services do not currently rely on any 3rd party goods or services which would be at risk during a transitional period of Brexit.
European Data Protection Board's statement on data transfers under the GDPR in the event of a no-deal Brexit

Link to our Legal section on the T’s and C’s