Springfield Day Nurseries

Data Interchange ensures continuity of BACS payments for Springfield Day Nurseries

Delivering a new solution in just three weeks, Data Interchange provided Springfield Day Nurseries - a leading childcare provider situated in Conwy County, North Wales - with a new BACS payment solution. Replacing Springfield’s previous vendor, Data Interchange deployed its SmarterPay payment solution quickly, enabling vital continuity of direct debit submissions.
With over thirty years of experience, Springfield Day Nurseries offers a premium childcare service to parents with babies and children up to the age of thirteen. Dedicated to providing a supportive and vibrant learning environment, Springfield also offers a diverse range of additional activities including pre-school breakfast clubs, ‘DRAGON CAMPS’ in all school holidays and after-school clubs.
Operating across five different sites and with a growing number of customers, Springfield uses the BACS service to collect their customer payments. Originally engaging another software provider, Springfield had been collecting direct debit payments for around five years and, after paying a large set up and training fee, had no reason to change this provider until summer 2016. 

The Data Interchange Solution

 About a year previously, Springfield had been made aware that several security updates were to be implemented by BACS in September 2016. Because of these new measures, it was imperative that its BACS solution provider was compliant for its direct debit payment submissions to be transmitted successfully. Susan Drawbridge, Company Accountant at Springfield Day Nurseries, said:
“We started getting email reminders from BACS about security upgrades. We had known about the planned changes for some time but because we never heard anything from our provider, we assumed that we would be unaffected by the changes.”  
When the company was eventually contacted by its provider, Springfield was told that it would need to pay to upgrade its software to continue collecting direct debits. “We were stunned and found ourselves in a difficult position. We could either pay over the odds for the upgrade or try to engage a new vendor at short notice, risking not being able to collect our direct debit payments,” explained Susan. Quickly deciding they wanted a new provider, Springfield started to look for a more agile and customer-focused company.
Speaking with several solution providers, Susan remembers the first time she contacted Data Interchange. She said: “Data Interchange really stood out from the other companies we spoke to. Their sales team were very professional and understanding. They got back to us very quickly and provided us with useful documentation that really helped our decision-making process.”

The Benefits

Data Interchange knew that Springfield had only three weeks to install, configure and trial SmarterPay before it would need a live system to collect the weekly direct debit payments. Accommodating these circumstances, Data Interchange installed and configured SmarterPay so that the same version for the trial could also be used for live submissions. With an easy-to-use interface and support team on hand to assist, no additional training was required for Susan and her team to be able to make their first live BACS submissions on time using SmarterPay.
As well as meeting the three-week implementation deadline, Springfield was also able to make substantial cost savings in relation to the installation and annual licence fees. Susan reflects: “I would definitely recommend Data Interchange. They replaced our old solution quickly, professionally and were very friendly throughout the whole process which made everything so much easier.”

Next Steps

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