Flexible BACS solution ensures vital security compliance at a reduced cost

Delivering a new solution to Jackson, a first-class engineering and construction company, Data Interchange provided a flexible BACS payment solution without additional setup costs or consultancy fees.

First established in 1952, Jackson is the largest subsidiary of One Group Construction Ltd, a holding company for  a number of construction businesses based in the United Kingdom. Initially specialising in public construction, such as improving roads and sewers for housing schemes, Jackson has diversified over the years to offer a rich variety of services to the construction industry.

Operating from seven offices across the UK, Jackson uses the BACS service to make payments along with three other BACS payment teams spread across One Group Construction. In September 2016, BACS initiated an update enhancing communication and connection security, mandating that all software providersbe compliant with the revised measures. All vendors were required to provide requisite updates to their customers to ensure adequate system compatibilityand continued successful transmission of files.

As a result, Jackson contacted Data Interchange who assisted them with the initial download of SmarterPay and as Steven denotes: “It quickly became clear during the trial period that SmarterPay was easy to implement andintuitive for the end-user and was exactly what we were looking for."

The transition to SmarterPay has enabled all four BACS payment teams across One Group Construction to make BACS submissions with a single licence at a reduced cost. The leading BACS payment team at Jackson are also easily able to control the settings and permissions on SmarterPay giving more flexibility and options in relation to staff access and payment processes. Commenting on the success of the solution, Steven enthused “The reality is that SmarterPay has been so stable in its operation and so straightforward to use, that we’ve not needed to call for any assistance whatsoever, and that speaks volumes.”

Next Steps

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