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Data Interchange gives HANS HEPP EDI first aid

When reviewing its EDI strategy, HANS HEPP found that its existing solution could not meet the company’s future requirements for efficiency, flexibility, reliability and transparency. HANS HEPP, a pioneer in first aid equipment and first aid kits in cars decided to replace its existing EDI infrastructure solutions and services with Data Interchange solutions..
With leading car manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Volkswagen amongst HANS HEPP’s regular customers, numerous factors combined to present HANS HEPP with formidable EDI challenges ­– the first being the introduction of the VW Global Transport Label (GTL), followed by German Telekom’s announcement of the shutdown of ISDN. Added to these developments was the requirement to move from the old Odette File Transfer Protocol (OFTP) to the future-proof OFTP2 and discontinue the solution used for printing labels. HANS HEPP wanted to unite different EDI web portals for various automotive OEMs into a single platform.
The migration of the existing trading partner connections to Dinet, Data Interchange’s proprietary integration network, had to be transitioned seamlessly. Dinet lets organisations exchange business critical documents with thousands of trading partners across the world. The managed integration solution, combines connectivity, data transformation, monitoring and tracking into a single cohesive solution, managed by Data Interchange’s team of specialists.

For HANS HEPP, the impact was minimal and no changes to the communication processes for its trading partners were necessary. Using Data Interchange’s “tried and tested” approach, no processes or messages were interrupted and the migration was completed within an agreed timeframe of five months.
The introduction of Darwin, Data Interchange’s standalone order processing solution, ensured the migration of several different EDI web portals to one united portal for orders, forecasts, dispatch advises and invoices. Darwin is able to print  different transport labels, creating a standardised interface for HANS HEPP.
Christian Beckmann, Managing Director, HANS HEPP comments: "With the move to Data Interchange’s Dinet and Darwin, we have easily implemented a solution to all of the challenges we faced. EDI communication with our customers has become more reliable, more transparent and leaner and we have reduced costs by more than 30%. Of particular note is the strict adherence to the schedule and cost requirements by Data Interchange; their project is our only IT project that has ever finished on time and on budget.”

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