Die Tech


Die Tech specialises in the design and the production of tools, tests and special equipment, as well as in the production of profiles for the needs of the automotive and electronic sectors. A Polish company with and American capital, it employs 150 employees and generates income of about 12 million euro. Their main clients include: Valeo, TRW, Isuzu, Johnson Control, Nexteer, BWI, Delphi, GM. Die Tech needed a solution that could support the electronic communication of their 16 trade partners. 

The Data Interchange Solution    

The project was launched by creating an interface for their ERP system.
All of the companies inbound information, mainly in EDIFACT and VDA standard, were mapped on XML, a standard elaborated in ERP and based in the Polish distribution market.
With regard to the outbound information, an interface was elaborated for the WZ and the invoices in XML format that was adjusted to the automotive standards.
The whole communication was implemented via DINET VAN.
The ODEX ENGDAT module was installed to manage the CAD files.

The Benefits

With ODEX and XE their ERP system did not have to be modified to automatically support the EDI communications in their trade partners' standard.
The connections for all the 16 trade partners were made, making the EDI connection very easy to implement in their environment. 


Next Steps

For further information, please contact a member of the commercial team
+44 (0) 1733 371311