July 2017

Learning EDI from Automotive

The various drivers for adoption of EDI in the automotive sector are strong. Being an early adopter of the technology, automotive has had to wrestle with the challenges inherent with pioneering new technology. While providing interesting lessons for other sectors, automotive itself continues to be a hotbed for EDI development.

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EDI in automotive sequencing

When Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) was first introduced to the automotive industry, sequencing was barely an issue. Outside the luxury and specialist sector, manufacturers offered just a few basic model variants in large volumes. Now, automotive OEMs...

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EDI and mass customisation

Until quite recently, automotive customisation was something done by the customer, not for the customer. Today's world is very different in terms of the range of options, from powertrain to trim and colour to accessories, is such that even the most successful new car might never run through all the possible factory-installed combinations in even the longest production run. The age of mass customisation is with us.

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