PEPPOL-compliant e-invoicing!

PEPPOL-compliant e-invoicing!

In line with the government mandated NHS e-Procurement Strategy, all suppliers who wish to send electronic invoices to NHS Trusts will now need to do so through a certified PEPPOL Access Point.
Follow our simple 3 step process to get your business up and running on the PEPPOL network and ready to receive orders from your NHS customers.

Simple PEPPOL compliance 

Data Interchange is an approved PEPPOL Access Point on the PEPPOL network. We make it easy to comply with multiple customer requirements and lower the associated costs, enabling you to exchange electronic business documents with NHS Trusts quickly and efficiently.
Our e-invoicing solution can make your business PEPPOL-compliant in just three simple steps: 

Step 1 - Registration 

Simply provide us with your company details, billing details, GLN code and the number of user accounts you require.
To find out the last two steps you must take to become PEPPOL-compliant, take a look at our free downloadable guide!