Don't be too chicken to invest in your supply chain

Don't be too chicken to invest in your supply chain

Having previously used specialist food distribution group Bidvest to deliver their poultry, KFC made the decision to switch their delivery contract to DHL on 13th February. Within a week of making this change DHL began to experience ‘operational issues’ which in turn caused enormous supply chain disruption and literally left the nation deprived of bucket loads of chicken.
Initial reports have speculated that issues in relation to the software used by DHL caused problems at the purpose-built warehouse used for the KFC contract and that lorries were unable to collect the chicken, causing a growing backlog of deliveries. As it stands, KFC are ‘working around the clock’ to rectify the problem and are making headway, 628 stores reopened by Wednesday compared to 430 stores the day before but what lessons can be learnt from ‘chickengate’? 

Choosing the right supply chain technology

What has become abundantly clear is the importance of selecting the right supply chain technology and choosing a system and provider that can cater to precise business requirements. In attempting to do this, businesses must utilise pro-active risk-reducing strategies in conjunction with supply chain technologies that deliver end-to-end, real-time visibility of each supply chain component. In doing this, businesses can ensure the detection and management of risks that can cause supply chain disruption.
Data Interchange specialises in providing sophisticated and scalable supply chain technology solutions that allow businesses to exchange and process electronic business documents between global trading partners in increasingly complex international supply chains. With a strong heritage in the automotive sector, Data Interchange have been configuring and adapting supply chain solutions for OEM’s and SME’s for over thirty years.
Data Interchange supply chain technology can be configured to incorporate specific business requirements, ensuring your chicken dinner will never be late and conferring several other key benefits including: 

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  • Integration of information across your business onto a single, accessible platform
  • Higher visibility and heightened monitoring of inventory, purchases, transportation and trading partner activities
  • Significant cost-savings in relation to streamlining the internal flow of goods and services
  • Real-time access and awareness of information through mobile-ready device technology
  • Improved agility to be more responsive to customer problems and new opportunities  
  • Greater upstream and downstream insights to aid the decision-making process
  • Higher levels of customer loyalty and increased supplier collaboration opportunities    
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