Data Interchange is protected from Heartbleed Exploitation

Over the past few days there have been lots of discussions about the ‘Heartbleed bug’. Heartbleed is the name of a bug in versions 1.0.1-1.0.1f of OpenSSL where server memory can be exposed by attackers, without server owners being aware. This may lead to sensitive informtion being leaked over the Internet.
We want to assure you that Data Interchange’s product line (Darwin, Odex Enterprise, Epic, BACS.IP and Xlate Evolution) and internal systems such as Dinet and our website and portals have been unaffected by Heartbleed, as we don’t use OpenSSL in any of our current implementations.
There are a very small number of users who may be vulnerable under exceptional circumstances. These customers will be contacted regarding their systems with advice on how to ensure they are not impacted.
If you have any questions regarding Heartbleed, please contact us at