Data Interchange launches its first American office

Data Interchange, a leading provider of electronic data interchange (EDI) and B2B integration solutions, announced the launch of their first office in USA, based in Santa Barbara, California.
Having established a strong market presence in Europe, with offices in the UK, Germany, Poland, Spain and Sweden, the launch of the USA office represents a significant expansion of Data Interchange’s global capability to serve and support its customers around the world.

Ewan Friend, Managing Director of Data Interchange, explained, “As organisations seek to reduce their costs, we have seen supply chains become increasingly global, with organisations sourcing the most competitive suppliers from many different parts of the world. With the launch of our USA office, we will deliver a significant increase in our capability to support the integration of our customers’ global supply chains.”

The opening of the USA office coincides with Data Interchange’s rapid company growth. The USA is one of the largest markets in the world for EDI and B2B integration – Data Interchange has identified the USA as one of its key markets for future company growth and is looking to leverage its European success in the USA.

Jamie Hu, heading up the USA office, was upbeat about the potential, “The establishment of a local office in the USA strengthens our service and offerings to existing customers, whilst also opening up our offering to a much wider prospective customer base. We believe that local offices, wherever possible, are best placed to serve our customers; the launch of our USA office will ensure our USA based customers receive the best possible service.”

With the launch of Data Interchange’s USA office, USA businesses and organisations, both large and small, can now take advantage of Data Interchange’s unique value proposition to adopt EDI trading with their suppliers and customers, integrate their internal systems and start automating and making efficiency improvements to their businesses. Data Interchange is proud to support American businesses.