Data Interchange launches MMOG/LE seminars in Spain

Data Interchange, in conjunction with AIAG/ ODETTE and Industry Forum is running a series of MMOG/LE seminars which are being scheduled to support the rollout of MMOG/LE v4 in USA and Europe. The seminars focus on presenting the benefits across the end-to-end supply chain of adopting the Global MMOG/LE v4 best practice toolkit.
Chrysler, Ford, GM, Renault, Volvo, JLR, Ford Otosan and Tofas Fiat are all promoting the Global MMOG/LE v4 best practice toolkit. This is a welcomed opportunity for the supply chain management community to adopt a proactive approach to resolving the challenges faced across the current supply chain management process.  
We would therefore like to invite two of your senior management representatives to attend one of the planned seminars in Valencia and or Zaragoza Spain.  

When and where?

18th November: 
Location: Valencia - book here 
20th November:
Location: Zaragoza - book here

Key takeaways from the day:

  • Explain the benefits that can be realised through the adoption of the Global MMOG/LE v4 best practice toolkit.
  • Explain how, through the adoption of Global MMOG/LE v4, any organisation can leverage the realised benefits across their entire supply chain operation.
  • Demonstrate how and where the adoption of Global MMOG/LE v4 has delivered value to existing supply chain partners across the globe.
  • Explain how Global MMOG/LE v4 supports the development and continuous improvement of an integrated supply chain across all tiers.
  • Provide a centralised message and information access point to the Global MMOG/LE v4 expectations and requirements of the stakeholder OEMs.
Places are limited, so we ask that you nominate no more than two representatives. We recommend senior management representation from your supply chain/logistical planning team and/or operations/financial management teams
We look forward to seeing you at this exciting new global strategy event.