Dinet Dashboard FAQs

Below you will find a selection of our most frequently asked questions in regards to the Dinet Dashboard.

Is there a User Guide available for the Dinet Dashboard?

A User Guide can be requested through Support@datainterchange.com or by clicking here.

Can I still use my current login details?

Your login details will not change. Please continue to login using your current details.

I’ve never used the Dinet Dashboard before, how can I login?

Please contact our Support Services team on Support@datainterchange.com 

Will I still be able to use the old Dinet Dashboard?

The old Dinet Dashboard will no longer be accessible after the 14th June. 

What’s new in the new Dinet Dashboard?

The Dinet Dashboard has been completely re-written using more modern web technologies. This allows for a significant improvement to the usability and functionality that is available.

Are any of the new features chargeable?

The Dinet Dashboard is open to all users. Additional SMS message credits or the setting up additional alerts by our Managed Services team can incur charges.  

Will there be an Android version of the iPhone app?

We continually assess the level of interest in an Android compatible app, but at present there is no timescale as to when this will be released.

Can I access the Dinet Dashboard from my tablet/ mobile device?

The new Dinet Dashboard has been designed to work on tablet devices. For mobile devices, we recommend using the dedicated iPhone app. 

Can I print reports directly from the Dinet Dashboard?

All reports can be exported in PDF format and printed 

How many people from my company can have access to the Dinet Dashboard?

We do not limit the number of users per company. You can add new users from the account section of the Dinet Dashboard.

Will the iPhone app change during this update?

The Dinet Dashboard iPhone app will not change.

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