Management Team


Ieuan Friend

Managing Director

Ieuan Friend is the joint Managing Director of Data Interchange, alongside Ewan Friend. Since joining the firm in 2002, Ieuan has worked on a number of high-profile marketing initiatives, including instigating a full rebrand of the company.

Ieuan’s core work includes:

  • Defining key marketing strategies
  • Launching new local offices around the world
  • Retaining links with globally respected industry bodies

Ieuan’s experience includes:

  • Director at Data Interchange since 2002
  • MBA alumnus of Cranfield University
  • International business operations and marketing


Andrew Filby

Development Director

Andrew Filby is the Development Director of Data Interchange. Since joining the firm in 1989, Andrew has designed, developed and delivered our solution portfolio and has been responsible for the direction of our product strategy, ensuring that we maintain our position as a state-of-the-art B2B integration company.

Andrew's core work includes:

  • Odex
  • Epic
  • Darwin
  • Dinet

Andrew's experience includes:

  • Deep knowledge and expertise gained over 30 years’ in the industry
  • Designing and developing industry-leading EDI products and solutions
  • Integrating EDI products and solutions for leading brands

John Knights

Operations Director

John Knights is the Operations Director of Data Interchange. Since joining in 1999, John held a number of high-level positions in the technical department, before being welcomed to the board as a director, leading operations.

John's core work includes:

  • Optimising our state-of-the-art infrastructure
  • Continuously improving and refining our processes
  • Planning rollouts of all new system and hardware updates

John's experience includes:

  • EDI, OFTP, AS2, X.400, X.25/X.31, ISDN, LAN, WAN
  • Cisco / Bintec hardware, VoIP, VPN, software development and testing
  • Working at Data Interchange since 1999


Ewan Friend

Managing Director

Ewan Friend is the joint Managing Director of Data Interchange, alongside Ieuan Friend. Over his 13 years with the firm, Ewan has worked his way through the ranks from customer account management, software development, and technical consulting.  

Ewan's experience includes:

  • More than 13 years' experience, advising global brands
  • In-depth knowledge of all solutions and products
  • Working knowledge of all Data Interchange departments


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